Rivendell Landscape Design, founded by Jason Berube in 2001, is a full-service design/build company that works with select clients to create and install custom designed outdoor spaces that exhibit practical functionality, discerning aesthetic principles and a connection to the human soul. The landscape is a common ground where nature, people and architecture interact. A balanced design approach considers a family’s lifestyle, functional requirements and aesthetic sensibilities with a sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Through close client interaction and detailed site analysis, each project is designed and formed in a manner reflecting the desires of those who will interact with the space. The final result should reflect a cohesive design with an attention to detail that not only pleases the eye but elevates the spirit.


Rivendell Landscape Design serves its clients through all phases of a landscape project including initial site planning, detailed hardscape, planting and architectural design plans, project management and construction. We advocate a collaboration with other professionals including architects, builders, engineers, contractors and other designers. Through the combination of excellent design, talented craftsmen and the highest quality materials, each project is carefully tailored to exceed expectations.


Jason received a B.S. in Industrial Design in 1997 from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. A passion for outdoor environments coupled with an established design background led Jason to the Landscape Institute at Harvard University and the establishment of Rivendell Landscape Design in 2001. With a knowledge of design principles, construction and site engineering, horticulture, hardscape materials and technology such as 3-D CAD to communicate ideas, Jason oversees the design and construction of every project. He enjoys close client interaction and views both clients and installation craftsmen as key design partners throughout the process.


Jason, his wife Kristin, and 3 sons currently reside in southern New Hampshire. Jason can be contacted via email at info@rivendell-design.com or by phone at 978.828.5962.